Hello! I'm Smitha from Bangalore, India and this is my food blog!

I am the only child to my working parents and that made me independent from a very young age. I knew how to make instant noodles and make some amazing fresh fruit juice by first grade.  

My first adventure in the kitchen was to prepare a simple dish (upma) for one of my relatives and I had messed it up big time! After that, it was hard to be away from the kitchen.

I have a wonderful husband, Karthik who is also the first taster of everything I cook. We both love cooking and traveling and love eating even more!

I love experimenting and creating new recipes, mixing cuisines is sort of my thing and most of the time it turns out really good! 

​Karthik and I got married in 2017 and since we both are such foodies, we cooked special dishes at home whenever we had the time and went out checking out every other restaurant. What we didn't realize was that we were also eating very unhealthy, all the processed, sugary foods. I mean who doesn't like a choco-chip muffin or fries with cheese or a whopper burger? we knew it was a bad choice but we only ate these like once in two weeks or so. and hey we're "young" what could go wrong? right? WRONG!

In November 2019, I went to get a full-body check-up because I had been having some health issues and was almost obese.  I have always been on the heavy side even as a child. When the results came, we were shocked. I was a "prediabetic". we thought it's better Karthik too gets his tests done and guess what? he was in the prediabetic range too. We were devastated. 


BEFORE (Oct'19)


AFTER (Jan'20)

We did lots and lots of research and started doing a low-carb diet. It's been 5 months now and we're back in the normal range and are "non-diabetic". We have both lost about 15-20 kilos. Since then, we have experimented a lot on our food to make it interesting and tasty while keeping it healthy. 

In this blog, you will find all those recipes in Healthy choices and also the Cheat day recipes.

There are also some amazingly Easy and Quick recipes for times when you don't have time but feel like eating something great and healthy.

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